Friday, February 15, 2019

Daegu International Airport

 Daegu International Airport,
A Gateway to the World

Recently, my husband and I visited Jeju Island. Since we live near Daegu, we decided to take the plane from Daegu International Airport. Daegu International Airport is located about 3 kilometers from Dongdaegu Station. It is about 13 kilometers away from our place in Gyeongsan. Going there is very convenient because one can easily get there by bus, taxi or even subway. 

The closest subway station to Daegu International Airport is Ayanggyo Station which is about 1.9 kilometers away. People who use the subway often get off at Ayanggyo and transfer to bus #101-1 or Palgong 1. The bus stop is located at Ayanggyo Exit 2.

Heading Out of Daegu
The Check-in Counters are located on the ground floor while the boarding gates are located on the second floor.

If there are things you are not very sure of, there is an information desk on the right side of the Check-in Counters across from the escalator.

On the second floor, there are coffee shops and restaurants where you can have something to eat or drink while waiting for the boarding gate to open. There are some souvenir shops too.

Coming to Daegu
If you are coming to Daegu via Daegu International Airport, you can claim your baggage on the ground floor baggage claim. To the left, there is a door leading to the Check-in area. If you are planning to rent a car there or getting a USIM, there are booths for these types of services right across from the Check-in Counters. Those booths are not hard to find because Daegu International Airport is not that big.

Transportation from Daegu International Airport
The most Convenient mode of transportation fron the airport is taxi. Especially if it is your first time in the city and you still do not know your way. But if you are the adventurous type, taking the bus and the subway is perfectly fine as long as you know your destination. 

In order to get to the Taxi stop and the bus stop, you will need to head out through Exit 3. From Exit 3, you will see the Taxi Stop or even the Bus Stop.

If you are heading towards Palgongsan, you do not need to cross the street to get on the bus. But if you are heading downtown or to Gyeongsan, you must cross the street first and turn left.

Monday, February 11, 2019

A Day in Daegu with Friends

A Day in Daegu with Friends

Do you have friends coming to Daegu for a visit? Are you wondering what you can do with them in downtown Daegu?

Recently, friends came to Daegu to meet me. We met at Daegu Sation at around 9:30 in the morning.
We then headed to Dongsong-ro to grab something to eat. Since it was still a bit early and we wanted to have something light for brunch, we chose T.Morning, a toast place near Daegu station.

When we were stuffed, we headed to the Tourist Information Center in front of Yangnyongsi (약령시) Museum to get a Stamp Tour Map. 

Yes, you can do a stamp tour in Daegu. The most popular one is the Jung-gu Daegu Alleyway Tour (대구 중구 골목투어). This tour has five courses.

We opted to do Course 2 which is the Modern Culture Alley Way. It is about 1.6 km long and may take about 2 hours depending on how much time you spend on each highlight location. This course is supposed to start at the Missionary Houses on Cheongna Hill (청라언덕) but we decided to do it our way.

We started at the Old Jeil Church, then headed towards Gyesan Catholic Church. We went to Cheongna Hill next. On our way there, we passed the 3.1 Indedpendence Movement Road. 

After seeing the Missionary Houses on Cheongna Hill, we proceeded to the Old House of Lee Sang Hwa and then the Old House of Seo Sang Don.

After looking around these two old houses, we looked for Jingolmok Alley. On our way to Jingolmok Alley, we passed Mulberry Street and then Yeongnamdaero. After walking for awhile, we finanally found Jingolmok Alley.

Where to Find the Stamp Box

Finding the stamp box for the Stamp Tour is a little hard if you do not know where to find them. But worry no more because I am going to spill it here. But first you need to know how the stamp box looks. My friends and I called it a bird box because it looks like a small wooden bird house. So look for a tiny wooden house.

Our Stamp Tour Adventure may have ended at Jingolmok but our day in Daegu did not end there.

Feeling a bit hungry, we decided to have our late lunch at 1922 Pizza. We had Flower Hawiian Pizza! We really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. This restaurant is different from other pizza places we visited because it is in an 80-year old Korean traditional house. I felt at home while sitting there. It felt like visiting my grandma's house.

Where are these bird boxes located? For the Old Jeil Church, it is located on the side of the fence along the way to the Museum of Oriental Medicine. For the Gyesan Church, we had a hard time looking for it. We actually had to ask someone. It is located on the side of Cafe Myungga's Door behind the big yellow box. For the 3.1 Independence Road, it is located next to the Information Center. For the Missionary Houses, the stamp is not in the stamp box. It is placed next to the window of the Tourist Information Center behind the House of American Christian Missionary, Chamness. As for the Old House of Lee Sang Hwa and the Old House of Seo Sang Don, the stamp boxes are located next to each house's fence. Lastly, the stamp box for the Jingolmok Alley is located at the gate of 1992 Pizza (1992 피짜). And there you have it!

After lunch, we headed to Daegu's famous bakery, the Samsong Bakery. Samsong Bakery is known for its mayak oksusu ppang or corn bread.

A tour of Daegu is not complete without shopping. In our case, we love shopping for books. So we went to Aladdin and Kyobo afterwards.

And that's how I spent my day in Daegu with my friends. It was just a day but I felt like we did and learned so many things.

If you are in Daegu or planning to come to Daegu, I would really recommend doing the Stamp Tour. You will surely have fun and will learn so much about the History of Daegu.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Winter Heating Tips

3 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter Without Raising Your Gas Bill

Although this winter has been milder than the last, the chill will defiantly seep into your bones if you are not properly prepared! February is the month that many Koreans have warned me to be the coldest month of the year. As such, it is important to be fully ready to face the cold. As someone who comes from a sunny area that rarely experienced temperatures below 30 degrees F/ -1 degree C at night, I had spent far too much money in Daegu last year trying to stay warm, especially at home. I was faced with a full out dilemma that many of you may come across as well: how in the world do I stay warm without raising my gas bill? After all, a cozy pocket makes a cozy home that much more comfortable. Fortunately, I have learned from my past and have found several solutions to this icy problem that involve not turning on the ondol floor heater and using up gas. As the winter winds grow stronger, here are three tips to keep you warm and happy.

Tip #1: Layer Up!
Level: Basic

Layering clothes is often the first response to dropping temperatures. There are so many options!
ü  Socks
ü  Sweaters
ü  Jackets
ü  Hats (those with the earflaps are especially nice in cold weather)
ü  Earmuffs
ü  Gloves
ü  Scarves
ü  Padded winter coat
ü  Your comforter as a finishing piece to the ensemble

 Being at home, you can go as wild with your clothing combinations as you want! The issue with that is the bulkiness, wherein having too many clothes can be overwhelming or heavy (and using the restroom can be particularly annoying). It can also be tricky to manage. Sometimes you may be too hot, but taking off one item of clothing makes you too cold, and finding that perfect toasty temperature becomes frustrating.

Suggestion: wear items that are specifically aimed for the cold, like thermal under wear.

Recommendation: Invest in a few items of Heat Tech from Uniqlo. It’s more heat retention with fewer layers to manage.
Pro-tip: when outside wear a face mask to keep the wind from freezing your face numb.

Tip #2: Be Crafty
Level: Use at Your Own Risk

  If layering up is too much, or not enough, creating your own heat is a great solution. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

ü  A hot water bottle is one way to have a concentrated heat source. Pour hot water into a water bottle that won’t melt at the heat or use a rubber hot water bottle if you have one. If it’s too hot, wrap a towel or thin blanket around it and hug the warmth to you.
ü  For those who have microwaveable pain relief heat wraps, use those to add a layer of heat to your body while soothing you muscles at the same time. So relaxing!
ü   Many stores around the country sell hot packs. They are cheap and effective! These hand-held heat sources can last all day and even into the night. Just shake to activate and wait as the hot pack gets increasingly warmer over time. Be careful! They can be too hot to touch at times. Make sure to have a layer of cloth protecting your skin from the heat. Hot packs also come in various forms. There are hot packs for feet, those that attach to clothes, small ones, and bog ones.  
ü  Put uncooked rice in a cloth bag and heat it up in the microwave to create your own hot pack. Be sure to heat it at 30-45 second intervals so the rice doesn’t burn.
ü  Light candles around the room for heat as well as a nice ambience.

Suggestion: Place the hot packs for feet on your socks while you sleep. The warmth will spread through your body.

Recommendation: Purchase hot packs in bulk online at sites such as Gmarket. It’s inexpensive and will last you a while. 
Pro-tip: Place those hot packs that attach to clothes on your pillows. Covered by the pillowcase (and a light blanket if it gets too hot), you can warm your neck as you sleep or lay with a pillow at your back and one at your front to keep you in a toasty sandwich throughout the night.

Tip #3: Invest in Tech
Level: Spend Money to Save Money.

 One of the best ways to stay warm comfortably in winter is to purchase heat technology. This is by far my favorite tip and one that has lasted me all year. These items have survived daily use throughout last winter and well into this winter.

ü  Rechargeable hand warmers. Instead of continuously buying hot packs, just turn on your hand warmer and be warm in an instant.
ü  Electric blanket. Placed under a regular blanket, an electric blanket will heat up your entire bed and provide a wonderful night of sleep. Not only can you control the temperature of the blanket, they also come in many colors and designs! Furthermore, some blankets automatically turn of after a long period, so you are not in danger of overheating. Just be sure to read the cleaning instructions carefully.
ü  Space heater/electric fan/portable heater. Having one will make walking around your cold apartment so much more pleasant. Additionally, the surrounding area will gradually heat up and create a warmer environment to be in. You will find these heaters in various establishments throughout the season, especially outside stores where salespeople stand to attract customers with cheerful voices and sales of the day.

Suggestion: Turn on electric blanket to your desired temperate as soon as you arrive home. Once you get into bed, everything will be nice and toasty for you to relax in.

Recommendation: An electric fan heater that can rotate back and forth is great for those who would also like to quickly dry their clothes indoors. (a small humidifier to combat the dry heat and winter air is also very beneficial).
Pro-tip: Place the space heater/electric fan outside your bathroom door. Once you step out of the shower, you will be instantly warmed.

Bonus Tip: Turn on the Hot Water
Level: As Easy as The Push of a Button

The setting on the heating system should include the option to turn on the hot water without turning on the ondol floor heating. Doing this will save all the energy expended from turning the floor heating on and off for a warm shower or to wash dishes. Select the “온수용“ option to use this function.

All in all, any one of these tips are great ways to fight the cold without turning the ondol floor heater on and raising your gas bill. Even better, a combination of any of the three will provide excellent warmth and comfort that will last you through this and the next winter. Now you can save your gas for only the coldest of days. Let us know what works for you! Good luck!

Bongsan Cultural Center: An Exhibition of Urban Heart Art

Bongsan Cultural CenterAn Exhibition of Urban Heart Art

The Bongsan Cultural Center can be considered the anchor to an entire STREET dedicated to the local artist creating art in the modern city setting. 77, Bongsanmunhwa-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu (Hours 10 am – 10 pm, FREE Parking, CLOSED Mondays, FREE Access, Pay per PROGRAM fees vary).

The Bongsan Culture STREET opens with an unusual futuristic looking structure (that lights up with an LED light show at night). This structure is called Media Sky and was erected in commemoration of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships held in Daegu in 2011. Isn’t it beautiful that ART can remind us of values? The event slogan was Sprint Together for Tomorrow.

Bongsan Culture Street caps off where English-speaking foreigners refer to as FURNITURE ALLEY.

In between, you will find inspirational murals on humble homes and local buisnesses.

You will also find an ever-changing collection of free-standing exhibits meant to delight and encourage both the artist and the art lover.

Though Bongsan Culture Street offers free access to art, art galleries, art instructors, cafés, and antiquities sales, be sure to visit the actual Bongsan Cultural Center. The Center is also free to explore inside!! The exhibits are rotating, so expect to see something new every month. There are also concerts and classes that vary in type and prices. (Korean Only)

It is all art that we can relate to living in the city.

It is all art that we can emotionally connect with being on this planet and experiencing in Korea!

The back of the Bongsan Culture Center currently has two notable art pieces that express brilliantly cohabitation of life and the life it imitates. That is why these places exist. To safely recognize where urbanization is taking us without losing our humanity in the pursuit of progress. Daegu is doing its part to nurture the minds, bodies, and spirits of its citizens. I am grateful for what I have learned here. Visit soon!