Friday, March 29, 2019

2019 Daegu Citizen Reporter

2019 Daegu Citizen Reporter 

Looking for 2019 Daegu Citizen Reporter member: APPLY NOW!

Ta-da! Recruiting for Daegu Citizen Reporter has just started!
Everyone can be a Daegu representative reporter.

You can make your contents related to many kinds of Daegu issues like festival, tourist attraction, policy, hip places in Daegu and more.
So dont miss the chance to become honorary ambassador of Daegu.

Both native and foreigners who live in Daegu and over the age of 14 years old can participate in the project.

Especially, the video part is being recruited this years!
If you are interested in making videos..why not?

Application period 26. March ~ 4. April

The project activities will begin in April and finish in December.

If you want to introduce and let people know about Daegu, dont hesitate to apply!


 [Recruitment information]

[Application period]
26. March ~ 4. April

Korean citizens who live in Daegu & Foreign citizens who live/stay in Daegu during the project period
- Native: 50 (article & photography 30 / Video 20)
- Foreigners: 20

[Project period]
Dec April, 2019

[How to apply]
Application link below and you can apply via NAVER application form

[Successful Applicants Announcement]
9, April, 2019 (Scheduled date)
: Successful applicants will be announced on the web site and individually notified via email or message.

 [Opening ceremony]
April, 2019 (scheduled date)
: Successful applicants will be individually notified via message or email.

[Project details]
- Making contents related to Daegu 
e.g) policy, events, tourist attraction and more.
- Participating in the publicity activities for promoting Daegu City blog and SNS

 [Prizes and Benefits]
- Provide letter of appointment, name card and press card.
- Payment for writing submissions if your article is selected.
- You will be invited to some events sponsored by Daegu City.
- You can take the Lectures to help with the project.

Click the link below & apply it for now!


*Application form in English*


If you are interested in Daegu city,
Dont hesitate to take this chance!

Plus, we are doing a lot of interesting events, so stay tuned! 

Thank you :)

Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Has Sprung in Daegu :: 2019 Daegu Spring Flower Bloom Time

Spring has sprung ♬♬
After the cold winter and spring is approaching at last!
Due to the sudden warm weather, it is expected that the #cherryblossoms will bloom 4~7 days compared to the last year!
It’s mind-blowing to know that the cherry blossoms are coming at a faster pace!!
So today, to welcome the coming of the spring, the blog will introduce you the BEST 6 cherry blossom viewing spots in Daegu and bloom time of spring flowers in 2019~

#2019 Spring Flower Bloom Time

Red apricots have already come and left Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park, which is now decorated with #magnolia!
Red apricot, magnolia, forsythia, azalea, cherry blossoms and canola flowers are flowers which bloom in spring.
With earlier bloom time this year, forsythias and cherry trees are already bearing flower buds.
But we still have time, as cherry blossoms will be in full glory from late March!
Are you looking forward to the feast of flowers in full bloom and amazingly diverse spring flower festivals? :D :D

#Daegu’s Spring Flower Viewing Spots

To be honest, you can enjoy spring flowers anywhere in daegu!
From Suseongmot Lake to Apsan Mountain, wherever the flowers bloom becomes your own flower viewing spot!
These are the list of must-visit places for spring flower viewing!

Daegu Spring Flower Spot 1. Hajung-Island Canola Flower Bed
Canola is the signiture of yellow flower!
And Hajung-Island is the Daegu's amazing photo spot with Canola Flower Bed!
This place will be open from early April.
Please make special memories with your loved ones!

Daegu Spring Flower Spot 2. Yongyeonsa Temple Cherry Blossom Trail, Okpo, Dalseong-gun
Cherry Blossom Trail, located in Dalseong-gun presents a magnificent view with a 1.5km-long powder pink cherry blossom tunnel!
With more than 50-year-old cherry trees standing along, the trail was selected in 2010 as the “most beautiful street” in Daegu area!
The cherry blossom tunnel is expected to show its perfect beauty again this year, so do not miss out!

Daegu Spring Flower Spot 3. Palgongsan Mountain Cherry Blossom Trail
Palgongsan Mountain is already famous for the spring flowers!
Among many spots in the mountain, Palgongsan Beltway or Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Trail becomes the most beautiful slightly after cherry blossoms fully bloom!
As Palgongsan Mountain’s temperature is lower than that of downtown, the cherry blossoms bloom a week to 10 days later than other places, and is expected to be in full bloom in early April~
The recommended route for a drive is a 3.5km long route from ‘Palgong CC three-way intersection ~ Daegu Safety Theme Park ~ Sutaegol’!
If you’re out for a drive on a pleasantly windy day, you will be able to find yourself in the middle of cherry blossom petals pouring down!
Also, the Fountain Square at Donghwa District of Palgongsan Mountain is a perfect place for a family picnic, as the Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year!

Daegu Spring Flower Spot 4. Buk-gu Cherry Blossom Walkway (Kkotbora Dongsan)
Located in the city center on the riverside of Shincheon River, Kkotbora Dongsan is one of the places where you can meet cherry blossoms the fastest in Daegu!
With well-paved long bike lane, cycling down the street with your children or date is a perfect way to enjoy the cherry blossoms!

Daegu Spring Flower Spot 5. Apsan Beltway and Hyeonchung-ro
Hyeonchung-ro from Apsan four-way intersection to Hyeonchung three-way intersection, Apsan Mat Dulle-gil, and Apsan Beltway from Bongdeok-gyo Bridge to Apsan Park Parking Lot are also great cherry blossom viewing spots in the city center!
A stroll through the cherry blossoms down Hyeonchung-ro during the afternoon and a visit to Apsan Observatory on a cable car to enjoy the nightscape completes a perfect route for a day out with your date!
With plenty of good eats alongside Apsan Mat Dulle-gil, your day out cannot get any better!

Daegu Spring Flower Spot 6. Wolgok History Park, Sangin-dong, Dalseo-gu
Located in Dalseo-gu, Wolgok History Park is where you can meet the most beautiful donarium cherry blossoms in Daegu!
Donarium cherry blossoms look different compared to the ones you can find in the city center,
And the park is loved by many people until late spring, as the flower remains in full bloom even after all other normal cherry blossoms are gone!
I am looking forward to the beautiful donarium cherry blossoms between traditional buildings!
Since the donarium cherry blossom tunnel at Wolgok History Park is open only during a designated period, make sure to check the dates before the visit!
These were the BEST 6 spring flower-viewing spots in Daegu!

And this is not all: there are plenty of places in Daegu where you can enjoy spring flowers!
While not mentioned, there are other amazing flower-viewing spots including #E-World, #Suseongmot Lake, #Hajungdo Island Canola Complex, #Daegu Stadium, and #Biseulsan Mountain!
And yes, all parts of Daegu is beautiful, so don’t hesitate and start off on your way to Daegu!

Spring, the season that makes you happy just by sitting down and looking at flowers!
Take the picture of your life and make beautiful memories at amazing flower-viewing spots in Daegu, filled with the scent of the spring!
I should also go get ready for the spring picnic~

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Global Healthcare 「Discover the Next」, MEDICAL KOREA 2019 will take place!

Daegu Metropolitan City, the Hub City of Medical Industry!

#Daegu Metropolitan City, which is building its own #medical road upon outstanding medical technology and warm heart through activities such as overseas #medical service activities and #medical tourism conference promotion,is the proud sponsor of Medical Korea 2019 which will be held at Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel from March 14th (Thu) to 16th (Sat)!
Many medical companies with outstanding medical system are to participate in the event to share information on domestic and global #medical market!We welcome the participation of anyone residing in Daegu who is interested in the medical industry!


MEDICAL KOREA 2019 Event Overview

Medical Korea is an #international medical conference on global health care & medical tourism held every year for sharing of information on global medical market and expansion of domestic and global network.

○ Title: MEDICAL KOREA 2019
(The 10th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference)
○ Topic: Global Healthcare Discover the Next
○ Date: March 14th (Thu) ~ 16th (Sat), 2019 * ‘KIMES 2019’ also held on same dates
○ Location: Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel
○ Host/Supervisor: #MOHW (Ministry of Health and Welfare) / #KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
○ Major Events: Opening Ceremony, Conference, Policy and System Briefing, Business Meeting, Korean Medical Institution Experience Event, etc.
○ Conference: around 10 sessions in total including Global Healthcare Market, Discover the New Paradigm, Prospects for Global Cooperation of Medical Education System, New-Quality Management Strategy for International Patients, New Opportunities for Digital Healthcare (The 7th Global Strategic Forum), Cases & Trends on New-Tech based Online Marketing in Healthcare, In novation in Medical & Wellness Tourism Market (Yonsei Institute of Health and Welfare)
○ Special Sponsors: KIMA (Korea International Medical Association), UChicago Medicine
○ Sponsors: Gang Nam Gu, Gangwon Province, Gwangju Metropolitan City, SOLTI, Gyeonggi Province, Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, #Daegu Metropolitan City, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Korean Nurses Association, Korean Association of Thyroid and Endocrine Surgeons, KOTRA, Korean Hospital Association, Korean Dental Hygienists Association, Korean Dental Association, The Society of Korean Medicine, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Gangseo Miracle-Medi Special Zone, Yonsei Institute of Health and Welfare, Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, Jeollanam-do, Jeju Free International City Development Center, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Human Resource Institute for Health and Welfare, Korea Medical Devices Industry Cooperation Association, Korea E&Ex Inc.

MEDICAL KOREA 2019 will begin this Thursday, and entries have been available through online pre-registration and on-site registration!
Unfortunately, the online pre-registration period has ended already.
But don’t worry!On the day of the event, entries are still available through the on-site registration at the registration desk!
In addition, there will be various events such as the conference satisfaction survey and photo upload event.

Please check out more about the event!
▼ Medical Korea 2019 Official Website ▼