Friday, March 29, 2019

2019 Daegu Citizen Reporter

2019 Daegu Citizen Reporter 

Looking for 2019 Daegu Citizen Reporter member: APPLY NOW!

Ta-da! Recruiting for Daegu Citizen Reporter has just started!
Everyone can be a Daegu representative reporter.

You can make your contents related to many kinds of Daegu issues like festival, tourist attraction, policy, hip places in Daegu and more.
So dont miss the chance to become honorary ambassador of Daegu.

Both native and foreigners who live in Daegu and over the age of 14 years old can participate in the project.

Especially, the video part is being recruited this years!
If you are interested in making videos..why not?

Application period 26. March ~ 4. April

The project activities will begin in April and finish in December.

If you want to introduce and let people know about Daegu, dont hesitate to apply!


 [Recruitment information]

[Application period]
26. March ~ 4. April

Korean citizens who live in Daegu & Foreign citizens who live/stay in Daegu during the project period
- Native: 50 (article & photography 30 / Video 20)
- Foreigners: 20

[Project period]
Dec April, 2019

[How to apply]
Application link below and you can apply via NAVER application form

[Successful Applicants Announcement]
9, April, 2019 (Scheduled date)
: Successful applicants will be announced on the web site and individually notified via email or message.

 [Opening ceremony]
April, 2019 (scheduled date)
: Successful applicants will be individually notified via message or email.

[Project details]
- Making contents related to Daegu 
e.g) policy, events, tourist attraction and more.
- Participating in the publicity activities for promoting Daegu City blog and SNS

 [Prizes and Benefits]
- Provide letter of appointment, name card and press card.
- Payment for writing submissions if your article is selected.
- You will be invited to some events sponsored by Daegu City.
- You can take the Lectures to help with the project.

Click the link below & apply it for now!


*Application form in English*


If you are interested in Daegu city,
Dont hesitate to take this chance!

Plus, we are doing a lot of interesting events, so stay tuned! 

Thank you :)

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