Friday, April 12, 2019

Announcement of Selected members of Official Daegu citizen Reporter

Congrats to join the Social media Press member of Daegu Citizen

Today We are going to make an announcement of the result!

First of all, We would like to say Sorry for late announcement. And Thank you for care and understanding.

During the screening process,We have been so happy to see the application with your passion! It was stunning!

Congratulation on being selected 'Daegu Citizen Reporter'.

We are looking forward to various Stories and News of Daegu by yours in this year.

Welcome to the members of Reporter

Unfortunately, We are sorry for contact each to not selected applicants, and would like to say thank you deeply for your big interest of this city. 

Oneday in near future, we have no doubt see you again in other events! 

The Official Social Network Service(SNS) of Daegu is always open, Please Post and Send Various News!



Congratulation on being selected members! We are going to contact each selected members on 16th, April (Tue).

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