Monday, May 27, 2019

A Very Colorful Children’s Day in Daegu.

πŸ‘¦ A Very Colorful Children’s Day 
in Daegu. πŸ‘§

This was my second year celebrating Children’s Day in Daegu, South Korea. Koreans have Children’s Day every fifth of May to celebrate all children. I grew up in the United States and my family never celebrated Children’s Day! It is not a common celebration among most Americans. Last year’s Children’s Day my family went to the Colorful Daegu Festival and later had a Cinco De Mayo party with some of our Korean friends. When they came into our home, they presented my son with gifts and said “Happy Children’s Day!” I was very surprised and thought it was a wonderful tradition. I learned how important this holiday was for Koreans.
Many cities throughout South Korea hold community parades and festivals during Children’s Day. Luckily for the residents of Daegu, the famous annual Colorful Daegu Festival was held during the weekend of Children’s Day this year! There were many different activities to do for everyone at the festival. The Children of Daegu had plenty of fun-filled activities and places to play downtown during the events.
There were various booths where children could create arts and crafts.

This is the Maker’s Market area in Colorful Daegu Festival.

Children coloring their artwork in the Maker’s Market.

Children’s artwork displayed in the Maker’s Market.

Children coloring nesting dolls.

Nesting dolls decorated at one of the maker booths.

Children decorating tote bags.

Here are samples of decorated tote bags at this maker booth.

Not only were there arts and crafts at the festival, but children could also play safely in the streets of downtown Daegu because the streets were closed off to traffic.

The inflatable playground area at the festival.

Children coloring the street with colorful chalk art.

Children playing with big inflated colorful balls on the street.

After watching the parade, eating at the food trucks, then watching my son work on arts and crafts, we ended the day sitting in the park by watching families play on the grass.

Families throwing toy airplanes on the lawn area at the National Bond Compensation Movement Memorial Park.

The Colorful Daegu Festival was the perfect place to celebrate Children’s Day and have a wonderful day out with my family. My favorite part of the festival was seeing many families and children walking around downtown and having a good time together. I am looking forward to spending Children’s Day again next year in Daegu!

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