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Nice Attractions in Daegu in May, a Great Time for a Day Out :: The ARC, Duryu Park, Suseongmot Lake, Bongmu Park, Nature Park, Daegu Forest, E-World

Hello, Dachaeum visitors!
I’m here today to share valuable information that could be useful in May, a great time for a day out~
I’m here to introduce the recommended attractions in Daegu!
you are planning a day out, have a good look at this post and I am sure you will be able to have an even greater time! (ノ^o^)ノ

1) The ARC

Is it a building? Or artwork?I present you ‘The ARC’, which was built using river, water and nature as design motifs.

Also known as the Four Rivers Cultural Pavilion, the ARC is a masterpiece building, boasting not only an amazingly exotic exterior view but also the exhibition space!

3F – Observation Deck, Cafeteria
2F – Circle Video Theater
B1 – Exhibition Hall, Multi-purpose Auditorium, Seminar Room

The ARC serves the roles of both a cultural complex and an observatory!

How about a nice cold glass of coffee with amazing scenery of Nakdong River and Geumho River? ◟( ˘ ³˘)◞ ♥

What’s even more amazing is that the admission is free of charge!
The Exhibition Hall is open from 10am to 6pm (Closed on Jan. 1st and every Mondays), and the Observation Deck and the Cafeteria is open from 10am to 10pm!The ARC boasts even more striking figure at night, decorated with colorful lightings.
Visit the ARC tonight and enjoy the amazing nightscape!

An exhibition of an amateur photography club and are currently on display in the lobby!
Inquiries 053)585-0616~7

2) Duryu Park
Duryu Park is equipped with various cultural and sports facilities, and is loved by the citizens of Daegu!

Built around Duryusan Mountain and Geumbongsan Mountain, E-World 83 Tower, Duryu Library, various sports facilities, and Culture & Art Hall are located inside the park!

○ Sports Facility: Universiade Tennis Court, Duryu Baseball Stadium, Multipurpose Stadium, Duryu Swimming Pool, Duryu Tennis Court, In-line Skating Rink, Driving Range, Duryu Judo Gym, Sport Park
○ Cultural Facility: Duryu Library, Culture & Art Hall, Historic Figures Hill, 2.28 Memorial Monument, Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall, Daegu Tourism Information Center
○ Recreational Facility: E-World 83 Tower
○ Convenience Facility: 3 service stations and cafeteria, 31 pergolas, 15 restrooms, 13 drinking fountains, 930 benches, 13 public payphones, etc.
○ Other Facility: Seongdangmot Lake, fountain, Geumyongsa Temple, Byeokcheon Waterfall
A representative event of Duryu Park in May is the .
Don’t be sad about missing out on the past events, because there’s still loads of exciting events on the way! Check out the events in May and enjoy!
Event Title
May 15th ~ 19th, 10:00 ~ 21:00
2019 Daegu Romantic Hanwoo Charcoal Barbecue Festival
In-line Skating Rink
May 22nd, 10:00 ~ 18:00
2019 Daegu/Gyeongbuk Urban-Rural Coexistence Agricultural Specialties Farmers’ Market
In-line Skating Rink
May 23rd ~ 26th, 09:00 ~18:00
Chimeric Spring Event
Tour Information Center Front Yard
May 25th, 11:00 ~ 21:30
Daegu Top Band Contest 053)803-3744
In-line Skating Rink
Inquiries 053)803-7470

3) Suseongmot Lake

With duck pedalos and beautiful musical fountain at night, Suseongmot Lake is a popular spot among citizens of Daegu!

The cool breeze on the wooden deck-tiled lakeside is the best!

In fact, Suseongmot Lake was artificially constructed as an agricultural reservoir during the Japanese colonial era,
but now it has become a representative recreational area of Daegu, with amusement facilities, cafes and good eats gathered nearby!

The price for the duck pedalo on Suseongmot Lake is KRW 15,000 for two-seater and KRW 18,000 for four-seater for 30 minutes! The rental office is open from sunrise to 24.00, and please note that while the pedalo can travel around the entire lake during daytime, it can only be operated on the western part of the lake during at night~

When the sun sets and the lake gets darker, that’s when the show starts!!
Another amazing attraction, the music fountain reveals itself~

With the fountain playing calm music alongside fancy laser show, you should seriously consider visiting Suseongmot Lake with your family, lover or friends!

○ Operation Period – May 1st – Oct. 15th, 2019

○ Operating Time (4 times/day)
- Cherry Blossom Season, May, Aug., Sep. and Oct.: Daytime: 13:00, 16:00 (twice, 40min each), fountain only/ Nighttime: 20:00, 21:00 (twice, 30min each)
- Jun., Jul.: Daytime: 13:00, 16:00 (twice, 40min each), fountain only / Nighttime: 20:30, 21:30 (twice, 30min each)

○ Regular Holiday – Every Mondays (Machinery inspection, maintenance)

※ The fountain is flexibly operated depending on weather conditions, and is not operated in case of rainfall.
※ Night Fountain in October may be rescheduled subject to weather conditions.

 Inquiries 053)666-2863

4) Bongmu Park

Equipped with amusement facilities for children, sports facilities and campsite, Bongmu Park is a perfect weekend picnic place for families.

Approx. 8,000 wildflowers and grasses planted along the walkways and trails!
Bongmu Waterside Park is serving the role of both an amazing place for rest for healthier lifestyle of the citizens and an amazing nature and ecosystem education area~

There are lots of stuffs to enjoy in the park.

First, the Mugunghwa hill behind Bongmu Butterfly Ecology Center is decorated with various trees and Mugunghwa flowers, and an observation deck and tables are installed on the crest to provide an amazing view over Dansanji Lake!

Bongmu Park is famous for its walkways and hiking trails!
Dansanji Lake Barefoot Walkway is approx. 3.5km long and takes 40 minutes, while Bongmu Park Hiking Trail is 3.7km long and takes approx. 45 minutes.
10,000 Step Walkway is approx. 7km long and takes two and a half hours, starting from Dansanji Lake Embankment → Gangdong Village Underpath (2km) → Gamtaebong (2.8km) → Gujeolsong Tree (3.6km) → Sport Facility (5.1km) → Dansanjeong Pavilion (6km) → Bongmu Butterfly Ecology Center Entrance (7km)!

The campsite is open 24H from June 1st to October 31st without time limit!
*However, only open from 09:00~18:00 during October 1st ~ 31st
The campsite is free of charge. Anyone can freely use the campsite, and reservation in advance is not required!
Please note that staying for more than 3 days is prohibited to allow many people to use the campsite~
Inquiries 053)662-3546

5) Nature Park

Have the animals escaped the cages?!
Nature Park is an Eco-friendly Zoo Offering 100% Communion with the Nature!

Have an enjoyable time at various themed places including Indoor Zoo, Bird Garden, Squirrel Village, Flower Garden and Play Garden!
Nature Park offers various programs which allow communion with animals such as meeting with animals and feeding experiences!


Day Pass (Adult)
KRW 18,000
Middle school student or older
Day Pass (Children)
KRW 16,000
Over 24 months ~ elementary school student

Weekdays (Ticket Office Closes at 16.00)
Weekend (Ticket Office Closes at 18.00)
Nature Park
10:00 ~ 17:00
10:00 ~ 19:00

Indoor Zoo
10:00 ~ 17:00
10:00 ~ 19:00

Taiwanese Shrimp Fishing Experience
11:00 ~ 17:00
11:00 ~ 19:00
Taiwanese Shrimp Fishing Experience is only operated on Fridays during weekdays

* Taiwanese Shrimp Fishing is a charged facility with additional fees.
* Opening hours may change subject to heavy rainfall or other conditions.

Social Media Event and Extreme Dog Show will take place during the Family Month!
The Dog Show is not available during summer and winter, so do not miss out on this opportunity~
Inquiries 1688-8511

6) Daegu Forest

Daegu Forest has served as the place of rest for the past 40 years.
The forest offers many things to see, exotic experiences and festivals 365 days a year in nature!

From crafting herb scented candle, soap, plaster candle and custom vase to cookie, pizza cooking and eco-forest experience ~

Try out various experiential programs and exciting rides such as large/mini viking ride, bumper car, carousel and frog jump all at once!

Access to Agricultural History Museum, a national designated museum, Zoo Zoo Land (Zoo), Romantic Garden, Green Tea Garden and the pavilion is free!

Child (Elementary school student, 12 years old or younger)
Admission Ticket
KRW 12,000
KRW 10,000
Crafting Experience
Admission + Woodpecker Craft Workshop or Cooking Class (Cookies)
KRW 18,000
Admission + Cooking Class (Pizza)
KRW 22,000
Adventure Experience
Admission + Eco Adventure (1 ride)
KRW 25,000
Admission + Kids / Prankster Forest
KRW 16,000
Themed Experience
Admission + costume rental (Magical Wardrobe)
KRW 16,000
KRW 13,000
New Package
Admission + Hollywood Sky Show
KRW 18,000
Admission + Rides (3 rides)
KRW 16,000
Admission + Daegu Zoo (Zoo)
KRW 14,000

Daegu Forest is open from 10am to 7pm, and the ticket office closes one hour before closing time!

※ Opening hours may change subject to conditions.
※ Opening hours may change or the venue may be closed early in cases of heavy rainfall/strong wind.
※ All group experience programs are operated subject to advance reservation. Reservation 3-4 days in advance to the visit is required.

2019 daegu colorful festival에 대한 이미지 검색결과

2019 Colorful Festival is not over yet!
If you’ve enjoyed the festival, present a proof shot at Daegu Forest ticket office to get 33% discount~
Do you know the symbolic colors of the Colorful Festival?
If not, check out the logo of the festival!
If dressed in all five colors, you will get 50% discount on admission, so check the colors before you dress up (〃´∀`) ~~
Inquiries 053)761-7400~7401

7) E-World

A place that should never be left out from the list of must-visit places in Daegu?
E-World is the answer!
E-World’s 83 Tower is a landmark of Daegu!E-World is open from 10 am to 10 pm, but the opening hours may change on public holidays or in cases of heavy rainfall/strong wind, so check out the website linked below for precise details!

Youths (14~19)
Children (36 months ~ 13)
Admission Ticket
KRW 23,000
KRW 13,000
KRW 12,000
Admission to E-World + Free performances + Animal Farm
Free Pass
KRW 42,000
KRW 37,000
KRW 32,000
Benefits of Admission Ticket + Access to Rides + Access to 83 Tower Magic Art + Ice Rink Discounts during Weekdays
Night Free Pass (17:00~)
KRW 28,000
KRW 26,000
Benefits of Free Pass + Access to Starlight Festival
Inquiries 053)620-0001

There are loads of fun left to be enjoyed,
but May seems too short to enjoy all these amazing stuffs!
So let’s get to it right now~!!

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