Friday, June 28, 2019

Let’s see what the TOP5 of Daegu’s global news were!

Goodbye June~
Daegu had a lot of ‘global’ news this June!
Let’s see what the TOP5 of Daegu’s global news were!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

‘Foreiners Tax Refund Specialized Street’ made at one of Daegu’s top tourist sites, Donseongno Street.

‘Foreiners Tax Refund Specialized Street’ made at one of
 Daegu’s top tourist sites, Donseongno Street.

“Shop more easily!”

100 Tax refund shops + 200 more coming!
350 Shops accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay!
And a refund booth within the city for making your refunds easier!

What is a tax refund? It is a policy that refunds the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Individual Consumption Tax included in the full price when a foreign traveller buys items from a tax refund shop for over 30,000 won, 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to become an insider in Daegu! Daegu’s 7080 retro tourist destination

How to become an insider in Daegu! 
Daegu’s 7080 retro tourist destination

Today, retro senses are amassing great popularity! 
Therefore, places where one can feel retro senses is gaining great interest.
Our power insiders Dachaeum friends should also join in! So I’ve prepared something!
Daegu 7080 retro tourist destination! Shall we find out together?

1. Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street
Location : 2232, Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu (Daebong-dong)
Admission fee : free

The eternal artist of the 7080 era, Kim Kwang-Seok!

We cannot leave out Kim Kwang-Seok as the singer representing Daegu! The music of Kim Kwang-Seok is still amassing much love regardless of generation and gender. One can properly feel the experience of Kim Kwang-Seok, who has been loved by the public for a long time, in the Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street!

Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street is a mural street formed with the theme of the life and music of Kim Kwang-Seok in the alley near the Daebong-dong Bangcheon market where is used to live. With Kim Kwang-Seok’s image and is song lyrics written in the alley, it is good to take photos there. This location was selected as the ‘Top 100 Place to Visit’ by the Korea Tourism Organization. Thus it is an essential course in Daegu that everyone acknowledges!

Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street, where one can feel the 7080 retro sense through Kim Kwang-Seok and his songs in Daegu! How about reminiscing the memories of listening his songs at the Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street?

2. Jingolmok Alley’s Mido Coffee House
Location : 14, Jingolmok-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
Opening times : Everyday 09:30 – 22:00 (Closed on very day of national holiday)

Coffee shop which is an essential element for the 7080 retro senses! There is the "Mido Coffee Shop" famous for its retro senses in Jingolmok alley, which boasts a tradition of 100 years! What kind of place is it?

Jingolmok alley comes from 'Jilda’' which means 'long’ in Gyeongsang-do dialect of 'long alley'. As it boasts a long tradition, there are many restaurants and cafes in the historic alleys. Among them, "Mido Coffee Shop" is the place where it has been loved most for decades!

Since its opening in 1928, Mido Coffee Shop has been a popular spot for politicians, writers and other famous people. Today, an average of 400 people visit the area a day, and 200 of them a regulars, visiting every day. It means the taste and atmosphere is well recognized.

Even after a long time, the Mido Coffee Shop still retains its old-fashioned senses! Especially the five cardinal colors cushions on the brown sofas and the traditional black herbal tea make this place even more retro! Feel the true retro senses with a cup of traditional black herbal tea, the best menu in Mido Coffee Shop!

3. Hyangchon Cultural Center
Location : 449, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu
Opening hours
Summer (April~October) 09:00~19:00 / Winter (November~March) 09:00~18:00
 (※ Can enter 30 minutes before closing time)
* Every Monday (if Monday is a holiday, next day is a holiday too), 
New Year’s day is a holiday
Admission fee
Adult (20~64) - Individual 1,000 won/ Group 500 won (20 or more)
Youth (8~19) Individual 500 won / Group 500 won (20 or more)
Children (-7) - Free

If you want to experience the retro experience directly, visit the Hyangchon Cultural Center!
The Hyangchon Cultural Center opened in 2014 to repair the old Korean commercial bank Daegu branch. This is a special cultural space recreating the scenery of the Hyangchon-dong, which was the spiritual home of cultural artists during the period of refuge!

It was originally a town in Daegu that was crowded with people until the 1970s. It was the best shopping area, and there were some famous places like famous coffee shops, pubs, housewife centers and music hall! The Hyangchon Cultural Center is realistically reproducing the Hyangchon-dong of this time and evokes deep and refined senses!

On the first and second floors of the cultural center, there is an exhibition hall where you can experience the retro senses of those days. Especially on the second floor, you can experience the retro style, wearing clothes and hanbok of old style! On the basement level of the cultural center, there is 'Nokhyang', the oldest music hall in Korea. It will be a great experience to listen to old music here and fall into the retro senses!

Feel the memories of Daegu's retro travel destinations! Also experience the uniqueness!
Feel the 7080 retro feelings in Daegu~
So far it was the 7080 travel destination in Daegu where you can feel the retro senses!

Monday, June 24, 2019

MEDI EXPO: Health care for the future

MEDI EXPO: Health care for the future 🏥

The day was bright and the weather was hot. Daegu heat is sure to make you want to eat a lot of ice cream. With that said, eating that much ice cream and can cause havoc on one’s health. Luckily for me, I was able to participate in the MEDI Expo Korea 2019 exhibition.

The event was organized by Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Institute, National Develop Institute of Korean Medicine, Daegu Dental association and KOTRA. With that said, it was the first time I ever saw the EXPO fully utilized. Meaning that the entire exhibition was open and all the conference rooms on the ground floor were open for this event. It was one seamless room.

My motivation to attend this event was due to the fact I attended two years ago. I also wrote an article back then. I wanted to see what had changed, and how things may have been improved. I could certainly admit that has been great improvements. From rest areas, food trucks, VIP rooms, lounges, and business meeting zones.

The general gist for this expo is based on professionals in the field, buyers, and academics to come together and share their resources and knowledge. I was informed that the MEDI expo also hosts seminars related to specific fields. Some of the booths covered skin care, medical equipment, healthy food supplements, medical tourism to name a few.

I was able to visit almost every booth and fully understand what the entire MEDI Expo was about. I felt it was more of a networking event for businesses to sell their products to doctors or dentists and also allow the general public to come close to cutting edge technology. Some booths encouraged visitors to part take in activities.

At the same time, I got my photo taken too. 😊

I was invited to sit inside a chair. At first, I was not interested, but then I changed my mind because the sales clerk told me that I could stay inside for 1 minute or more. It was my choice. So then I felt relaxed. I moved closer to the chair, took off my shoes, and bag. Sat down, was told to put my feet up and relax. The clerk then placed headphones around my ear. Though I did not sit in that chair a long time. The moment I removed myself, I felt a strange sensation. The idea of that chair was to lower any stress and relax me. Upon removing myself, I really did feel light headed.😴

I also participated in throwing darts.🎯 Usually, when you throw darts, you are supposed to hit a target or a certain point range. Though, I thought I had won. I was not given any prize from both IBK and Daegu Medical Tourism. I think it would have been better if they made it clear for any international visitors what the rules might be. All in all, I did have fun though.

I would also like to add that vending machines were near the entrance of the halls. In case you got thirsty. Also, there were plenty of rest areas scattered at the back too. I assume these were in place for exhibitors and any VIP`s that attended the Medi Expo.

Medi EXPO 2019 seemed to place more emphasis on business. Which is good, if you are seeking to acquire medical equipment or learn about the new technology in the field. I was most impressed with the dental technology and equipment. I was amazed at how the dentists have these advanced tools to ensure their patients receive top end treatment, which has now reminded me to go check with a dentist. 

I am glad you enjoyed reading this, and remember to always look after your health.

🔹 Medi Expo: 21st June till 23rd June 2019

🔹 Entrance Fee: 7,000 KRW (Free if you register online)

🔹 DAEGU EXCO Address: 10 Exco-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, 41515, South Korea.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Opening ceremony of Daegu Webtoon Campus

People dreaming of becoming a webtoon artist all gather! 
Opening ceremony of Daegu Webtoon Campus

 Do you like Webtoon?
Nowadays it has become an essential product of our generation with almost everyone around us watching webtoons!

The webtoon industry can be seen as the Representative industry of the Fourth Industry Revolution Era, which is taking center stage as 'the goose that lays the golden egg'!

It has endless future value in that by developing one content, it can be used for movies, games, animations, character industries etc. to aim for ripple effects!

‘Webtoon’, which is one of such future industries, has provided a ‘campus’ and held an opening ceremony in Daegu!

The Daegu Webtoon Campus is providing service as open creative space of local webtoon creators as well as the webtoon industry’s promotion institution such webtoon experience, education and consulting for citizen and existing artists!

Selected as the ‘local webtoon campus creation and management’ project hosted by the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency in 2018, the ‘webtoon campus’ was completed in February 2019 and through the recruitment notices of 14 artist rooms and one company room from March to April, it has been systematically preparing the opening ceremony!!

In the opening ceremony opened on the 17th, along with the report on the project proceeding and campus tour, there was a special lecture by cartoonist # Lee Hyun Se, who was appointed as the headmaster of the Daegu Webtoon Campus and who is the country’s giant in the cartoon world, drawing  ‘Magpie’, ‘The Terrifying Mercenary Baseball Team’ and ‘Nambeol’! (`ω´)9

Currently, 'Daegu Webtoon Campus' is operating with 20 webtoon artists and companies residing and the middle school and high school targeting Webtoon Writing Experience Classroom and the general public targeting Webtoon Academy Course is being run simultaneously!

Operating time and target
Detailed space and main functions
Webtoon experience space
09~22 hrs
For everyone (Free visit)
-Residing artists and company trainees networking and resting
 -Integrated work experience through webtoon books and device
Residing space
24 hrs
Resident use (selection)
-Individual room (10 rooms) : reserve and existing artist work support
- Joint room (4 rooms): project form team writing support
- Company room (2 rooms) : webtoon related company business support
- Lounge(2 rooms) : artist and company networking and resting
Education and work space
09~22 hrs
Trainee and lender use (application)
- Lounge (1 room) : trainee and visitor networking and resting
-  Office (1 room) : facility, equipment management and program operation

The 1st floor is webtoon exhibition·experience space for the general public and residing artists, the 4th and 5th floor is artist/company room, and the 8th floor is comprised of theory/practice classroom, office and lounge, thus is a place that satisfies the needs of al he artists, citizens and aspiring writers!

Moreover, is has established and is running diverse education programs for citizens, existing writers as well as specialist creators!

Program Outline: 4 Areas / 8 Programs

Cultural expansion
Artist fostering
Writing support
Exchange strengthening
General public
Reserve and existing artists
Specialist creator
Artist and related creator, agency/platform etc.
Enjoying webtoon culture and motivating writing
Finding specialist writers and fostering series writers

Activation of webtoon writing through specialist creator support
Constructing local webtoon consultative group

Program operation for webtoon culture experience and enjoyment of local residents
Operation by area of specialist education course and long-term project course
Prize money and specialist consulting for excellent webtoon contents and writers
Operation of exchange and cooperation programs for local webtoon development
Webtoon experience classroom
※ Connect with Culture Day
Webtoon academy
Webtoon contest
Networking day
Webtoon festa
Launching project
Consulting support
Webtoon workshop

Program name
Total hours
Target participants
Webtoon experience classroom
3 hrs
30 hrs
Webtoon festa
Webtoon academy
30 hrs
180 hrs
Special lecture
2 hrs
10 hrs
Launching project
100 hrs
100 hrs
108 ??
Webtoon contest
Consulting support
10 hrs
60 hrs
Networking day
3 hrs
12 hrs
Webtoon workshop
8 hrs
8 hrs

Daegu Webtoon Campus, which is located in Kyungil University’s Daegu Education Hall, is located on Suseong District Office of Subway Line No.2, making the transport access convenient and due to the abundant surrounding convenience facilities, the satisfaction of the residing artists is considerably high! 

The Daegu Webtoon Campus is based on webtoon, which considers the imagination and idea of the artist as of utmost importance with the excellent humanities base of Daegu·Gyeongbuk due to become the foundation the abundant human resources such as the excellent artists and organizations of local origin as well as students studying in cartoon related departments will be of great aid to the growth of the webtoon industry!!

Through the actual resources of the local webtoon artist, Daegu will strive to not only create new jobs, but lead culture trend as the source to of far-reaching influence in diverse culture and arts area! ( • ̀ω•́ )