Tuesday, June 11, 2019

An oasis in DAEFRICA!

Daegu is famous for being the South Korean hottest city in summer. 
Daegu has a nickname, Daefrica, which is a combination of Daegu and Africa. 
Where can you cool off?

For those who yearn for a breath of freshness plus a touch of history and Korean culture, Yeungnam University Folk Village and Woods is a perfect place.
This Folk Village built in 1975 covers an area of 70 000 square meters. It contains 7 traditional houses and an ancient cemetery. You can imagine the everyday life of Joseon people from different social status.
This village is surrounded by woods and very smooth hills with well-maintained paths; so, if you feel the need for some cool air and exercise, go there for a wander.
Arriving at the Folk Village, you will see fields facing the traditional houses. In one second, it is like being transferred in the Korean countryside.

 Green fields in May

Let me show you 5 traditional houses or constructions.
Magpie Hole House, relocated in 1975 from Gyeongbuk Province is a thatched-roof house, a typical peasant dwelling where the cows were within the walls of the house. Ventilation holes created to reduce the animal odours gave this house its name.

Peasant house with its adobe walls

Uiinjeongsa house has 4 different sections, “anchae” for women, “sarangchae” for men and “araechae” for male servants. The maid’s quarter is located just near the entrance gate and the kitchen.

View of “anchae” the women’s quarter

Gugye Seowon a private school built in 1696 was moved here in 1975. To complete the auditorium and create a more impressive scenery the University added 2 libraries, 2 gates and a shrine.

Hall of the auditorium

SSangsongjeong; this pavilion was used as a private library by a Confucian scholar.

 Great place to read and learn!

Ilhyudong was built to house the library and the private academy of a Confucian scholar who lived during the 16th century. The construction of Andong reservoir threatened this building (risk of submerging water), so it was moved here in 1974.

Ilhyudong sets in the woods

During weekdays 3 houses are opened to the public (Magpie Hole, Uiinjeongsa, Gugye Seowon). But they are closed on weekends. However, their surrounding walls are not very high so it is easy to admire their architectures, their roofs and their yards from the outside.

Don’t miss the playground area where you can try a traditional swing and play “tuho” game (투호). Tuho players attempt to throw arrows into a jar. Not so easy!

 Youngs and adults have fun with this huge swing

Teachers seem to appreciate the Folk Village and the woods.

    A nice place for playing
 A nice place for discovering

After this step back in history, you can go for a walk in the woods. Several easy trails (large or narrow) meander under the trees. You can enjoy shade and breathe pines smell. It’s a nice place to jog too or to do mountain bike.

 Large tracks surrounded by trees
Narrow trails in the woods

Along the paths, maps will help you to find your way.

   Impossible to get lost!
A cherry blossom promenade, called lovers’ road, starts at the entrance of the Folk Village.

   Not only for lovers, for everyone

Several spots enable the visitors to rest in the nature for a while; benches and meditation platforms wait for you.

Benches for resting, reading, listening to music
 Special platforms for meditation

In spring, at the edge of the woods, you can see how the seedings are prepared for the rice fields.

 Rice seedings
Last glance at this peaceful and relaxing place. In spring and summer Yeungnam University Folk Village and Woods is an oasis of calm and freshness.

 In the countryside? No! In Gyeongsan, east side of Daegu.

How to go to Yeungnam University Folk Village and Woods?
It is on the main campus of Yeungnam University in Gyeongsan. East side of Daegu.
Take subway line 2. Stop at Yeungnam University station. The entrance of the campus is just there.

The address:
280 Daehak-ro, Joyeong-dong, Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do


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