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Apsan @ The Cable Car

Apsan๐ŸŒ„ @ The Cable Car๐Ÿš 

A nice way to spend some time out of the city on a hot summer day is to take the Apsan Cable car.  It is peaceful and cooler in the shade. Great views and photo spots along the way to the Observatory await you your family and friends….. 
or a special loved one๐Ÿ’•.

๐ŸŽซThe ticket sales booth๐ŸŽซ is located on the first floor of the cable car building.  
The attendant speaks no English. The woman on duty most days can understand basic comments and requests regarding the tickets.

Round Trip
One Way
Children (4-12 years old)
Groups over 30 Adults
Groups over 30  Children

Other than Group discounts there are often specials throughout the year and purchases at the coffee shop on the first floor also offer some discounts.
Another couple of ways are using your Daegu & Gyeongbuk Tour Stamp Trail book or a SUNBEE Tour Card (I will write about this card in the near future).

After purchasing your tickets look above the entrance to the stairwell (to the right of the ticket booth) there is a timer that will let you know when the next departure is⏰.
I am a sentimental guy. I like keepsakes from my adventures so I always keep my ticket stubs.  When arriving on the second floor to wait for the departure time you will be asked for your tickets. If you want to keep them just signal to the attendant and ask to keep them. I have never had an issue doing this.

There are several benches in the waiting area. Some people including my daughter and her travel companion on today’s adventure decided that the stairs were a “cooler” place to hangout.  Use common sense with small children.

When it is time to board they will let everybody know.  Our trip was not crowded. One person in our group had a slight fear of heights and just wanted a bench seat and to stare at the mountain or the floor. The cars have a 360 view. The ride is several minutes long.

Let’s get this party started!

There are some nice views very near the top at the cable car building.

As with many local tourist attractions that draw romantic couples and families, there are Photo Zones๐Ÿ“ท located at the top of the cable car. After exiting the cable car and facing the waiting area to your left is one of these neat places.

There is a restaurant๐Ÿด at the top and I overheard two staff members speaking some English.  So do not be afraid to try some traditional of fusion foods.

The menu outside was only in Korean but because there are a large number of foreigners who visit here they also have a menu in English and Chinese inside the restaurant.

Looking at the restaurant you can see a path to the left. This leads to the observatory.  At the observatory you can see the entire city and some of the surrounding areas.  Great photo ops up there!

Beautiful views of the city and the other mountains and valleys from Apsan are free. Snap a few to share with family and friends in Daegu or around the world๐ŸŒ.

We decided to have a small picnic at the top and then hike down.  
This was the view back up the mountain to the top.
The cable car times shift according to sunrise and sunset throughout the year.

First Departure
Mon. thru Thur.
Fri. thru Sun.
May to August

You can drive your car to the lower cable car building and park.  

Please drive carefully as many people are hiking or walking to the cable car building.
Public transportation will drop you at the main bus stop in the lower part of the park. 

The following ๐ŸšŒbuses๐ŸšŒ can be used to get to the park.  
Any navigation app should also be of use: 

410. 410-1, 653, 730, Namgu 1, Namgu 1-1, and 4 and 4-1.

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