Friday, June 21, 2019

Bongmu Park Camping!

⛺Bongmu Park Camping!⛺

Free  Camping!

Yep, you read that right. Free camping at Bongmu Butterfly Park!🌳

This small and comfortable campsite is my family’s favorite place to camp. It is well laid out and has almost everything you will need (except you’ll need your own gear).  There are twenty first-come-first-served sites available from June 1st to October 31st. You can stay up to three days before having to move to a different site. The twenty sites are located on three different plateaus.

Borrow a cart for free from the guard shack

Now, let’s back up and start with parking. There is free public parking🚗 at the front of the park. The campground is about 600 meters from the parking area.  Now you are wondering how to get all your gear from the car to campsite…. Borrow a cart for free from the guard shack at the park entrance and roll in style. Sometimes the carts are not immediately brought back to the guard shack so you may have to stroll up to the camping area to get a cart.

Walk on the road into the park and when you come to these arrows turn right and walk about 150 meters until you see a cart. There are three carts that can be used. Be patient and relax in the shade.

There are fire extinguishers and trash bags between each of the plots for tents. Generally, during the day and right before it gets dark, a park employee will walk through and ask people to keep their trash bagged up and will likely drop another bag or two for you. 

There are rules for people camping in the park. They are all very simple. ☝

1. Sites are first come, first served.
2. Be considerate of others with both noise and smell or smoke.
3. You may use the site for no more than three days.
4. Children should be supervised at all times.👩👦
5. Fires are of course allowed but they must be contained such as BBQ grills or cooking ranges.🔥
6. Keep your site clean. It should be safe and not attract insects.
7. Pets are allowed but must be on a leash at all times. All other laws must be followed regarding dog size.🐶

There are at least two receptacles for ashes. It is important to make sure your embers are completely out before dumping your ashes here. Ashes are not allowed to go in the trash bags.

There is a large wash hut with running water.💦💦  
Here you can wash dishes and utensils. You will need your own dish soap and scrubbers. I would also suggest that this water can be used to cook with. We usually have soup or ramen for lunch and breakfast.🍜🍲 No need to be lugging water for cooking when it is already on site.

There are restrooms🚻 located next to the campsites. There are no showers, but there are toilets and sinks. If you need to wash up, it is acceptable to do so, just clean up after yourself and remember there are children at the campsite.

Speaking of children… there are places below the campgrounds for the kids to play and expend their energy. Slides and swings and seesaws. There is a sand pit to play in. There are basketball hoops as well, but the surface is uneven and it is hard packed dirt.

For the spiders in your group, there is also a mini climbing wall. I guess it to be no more than three meters tall. Be careful!

The park is also home to the Bongmu Butterfly Center. It is a museum with a nice collection to see and there is also a greenhouse section with live butterflies to check out. Also, this is one of the stamp destinations on the stamp-tour I wrote about in May.

There is a water sports center that offers boat rides🏄 around the small lake. If you are a water skier, rent some skis and have at it. There are also Duck boats (paddle boats)🐥that can be rented by the hour.

Last but not least. Coffee!🍵
There is a small coffee shop with reasonable prices on hot or cold drinks.  There are limited snacks and drinks available. Cold desserts can also be found on the menu.

✔ Bring sunscreen and insect repellent. It is a park. There are bugs. There is a lake. There are mosquitoes. I suggest a basic first aid kit as well. 
✔ Instead of ice cubes, freeze your drinking water in many small containers or zip lock bags.
✔ I love to hang my hammock and relax…. But not all sites have places to hang a hammock.
✔ If you forgot something you need there are several marts about 15-20 minutes away on foot. We have needed more ice and um, adult beverages or meat. Anything out the gate of the park is a bit pricey so walk the ten more minutes and get more for less.

You may also take public transportation to get to the park. It is easily a fifteen minute walk to the camping area.
🚌Bus numbers that stop nearby: 101, 101-1, 401, Rapid 1, Palgong 1

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