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How to become an insider in Daegu! Daegu’s 7080 retro tourist destination

How to become an insider in Daegu! 
Daegu’s 7080 retro tourist destination

Today, retro senses are amassing great popularity! 
Therefore, places where one can feel retro senses is gaining great interest.
Our power insiders Dachaeum friends should also join in! So I’ve prepared something!
Daegu 7080 retro tourist destination! Shall we find out together?

1. Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street
Location : 2232, Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu (Daebong-dong)
Admission fee : free

The eternal artist of the 7080 era, Kim Kwang-Seok!

We cannot leave out Kim Kwang-Seok as the singer representing Daegu! The music of Kim Kwang-Seok is still amassing much love regardless of generation and gender. One can properly feel the experience of Kim Kwang-Seok, who has been loved by the public for a long time, in the Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street!

Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street is a mural street formed with the theme of the life and music of Kim Kwang-Seok in the alley near the Daebong-dong Bangcheon market where is used to live. With Kim Kwang-Seok’s image and is song lyrics written in the alley, it is good to take photos there. This location was selected as the ‘Top 100 Place to Visit’ by the Korea Tourism Organization. Thus it is an essential course in Daegu that everyone acknowledges!

Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street, where one can feel the 7080 retro sense through Kim Kwang-Seok and his songs in Daegu! How about reminiscing the memories of listening his songs at the Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street?

2. Jingolmok Alley’s Mido Coffee House
Location : 14, Jingolmok-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
Opening times : Everyday 09:30 – 22:00 (Closed on very day of national holiday)

Coffee shop which is an essential element for the 7080 retro senses! There is the "Mido Coffee Shop" famous for its retro senses in Jingolmok alley, which boasts a tradition of 100 years! What kind of place is it?

Jingolmok alley comes from 'Jilda’' which means 'long’ in Gyeongsang-do dialect of 'long alley'. As it boasts a long tradition, there are many restaurants and cafes in the historic alleys. Among them, "Mido Coffee Shop" is the place where it has been loved most for decades!

Since its opening in 1928, Mido Coffee Shop has been a popular spot for politicians, writers and other famous people. Today, an average of 400 people visit the area a day, and 200 of them a regulars, visiting every day. It means the taste and atmosphere is well recognized.

Even after a long time, the Mido Coffee Shop still retains its old-fashioned senses! Especially the five cardinal colors cushions on the brown sofas and the traditional black herbal tea make this place even more retro! Feel the true retro senses with a cup of traditional black herbal tea, the best menu in Mido Coffee Shop!

3. Hyangchon Cultural Center
Location : 449, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu
Opening hours
Summer (April~October) 09:00~19:00 / Winter (November~March) 09:00~18:00
 (※ Can enter 30 minutes before closing time)
* Every Monday (if Monday is a holiday, next day is a holiday too), 
New Year’s day is a holiday
Admission fee
Adult (20~64) - Individual 1,000 won/ Group 500 won (20 or more)
Youth (8~19) Individual 500 won / Group 500 won (20 or more)
Children (-7) - Free

If you want to experience the retro experience directly, visit the Hyangchon Cultural Center!
The Hyangchon Cultural Center opened in 2014 to repair the old Korean commercial bank Daegu branch. This is a special cultural space recreating the scenery of the Hyangchon-dong, which was the spiritual home of cultural artists during the period of refuge!

It was originally a town in Daegu that was crowded with people until the 1970s. It was the best shopping area, and there were some famous places like famous coffee shops, pubs, housewife centers and music hall! The Hyangchon Cultural Center is realistically reproducing the Hyangchon-dong of this time and evokes deep and refined senses!

On the first and second floors of the cultural center, there is an exhibition hall where you can experience the retro senses of those days. Especially on the second floor, you can experience the retro style, wearing clothes and hanbok of old style! On the basement level of the cultural center, there is 'Nokhyang', the oldest music hall in Korea. It will be a great experience to listen to old music here and fall into the retro senses!

Feel the memories of Daegu's retro travel destinations! Also experience the uniqueness!
Feel the 7080 retro feelings in Daegu~
So far it was the 7080 travel destination in Daegu where you can feel the retro senses!

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