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The best of the best mountains, Daegu’s Palgon Mountain

We love Daegu so much

The best of the best mountains, 
Daegu’s Palgon Mountain

100 Places in Korea that Koreans must visit
The Mountain that embraces Daegu, Palgong Mountain

Palgongsan Mountain, Dongsan-ri, Bugye-myeon,
 Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

#1 The sacred mountain of Silla protects Daegu

Palgong Mountain was regarded as
 “a mountain in the middle of the world" 
and people held their services and prayed.

As Buddhism was introduced in Silla, 
the mountain became the land 
where Silla’s Buddhist culture flourished.

Palgong Mountain’s stone statue of Gatbawi has a legend, 
which says that if one prays with a sincere heart 
the wish will come true.

Thus, many people with desperate wishes
 come to Gatbawi in Palgong Mountain.

#2 Palgong Mountain’s Wanggeon-Gil with
 the Legend of KingTaejo and King Gyeonhwo

The current area of Palgong Mountain is where 
King Taejo Wanggeon directed 5,000 cavalry soldiers himself 
to fight against Gyeonhwon of Post Baekje.

Koryo’s army lost even its final battle in 
Gongsanseong Palace and dropped back and was evacuated
 to this road of “Wanggeon-gil of Palgong Mountain”
 while he almost faced his death.

Even now, there are some stories passed down 
in many places of the mountain such as 
Donghwasa and Pagunjae that help imagine 
the progress of the fight at the time.

The road the king followed to
 evacuate his army is now turned into a trail.

#3 The treasure of Daegu, 
Daegu Palgon Mountain Olleh-Gil Trai

There are 8 trails that are derived from the number 8 (Pal), 
the first letter of the mountain’s name and Olleh-gil trail 
that links them to the foot of Palgong Mountain.

From the trail where you can see the pines all year round 
to the trail where the culture and the history are combined together and another one where the old village is closely placed,

there exist various cultural heritages
 in Palgong Mountain’s Olleh-gil. Each trail approximately
 takes an average of two to three hours.

#Palgong Mountain has different beauties

Korea's beautiful road, “Hantije”

The beltway that becomes more beautiful in fall, 
“Palgongsan Beltway”

The best peak of Palgong Mountain, “Birobong”

The festival which has recreated the festivals
 of the monks during the Joseon Dynasty,
 “Mt. Palgong Modern Temple Bazaar Festival”

The place Where you can meet the beautiful charms of Daegu,
The best of the best mountains, it is Palgon Mountain.

Native Animals In Korea And Their Life Stories @DNSM

Native Animals In Korea And Their Life Stories @DNSM

Daegu National Science Museum (DNSM) is a science park that holds various science exhibitions, astronomical observation, 4D science cinema, and other interesting science programs.

Currently, there is an interesting exhibition named “Native animals in Korea and their life stories”, in the main hall (ground floor) from 6.25 to 9.01. The exhibition is jointly organized with the National Biological Resources Center of Korea. The main purpose of this exhibition is to promote Korean peninsula wildlife and raise the awareness of biodiversity.

The exhibition has four themes named 1) our land our creatures, 2) animal survival strategies, 3) biodiversity of Dokdo, 4) features of species through careful observations. In “our land our creatures”, the diversity of the wildlife living in Korea is shown as a sample. The visitors can learn about the biodiversity and extinction history of endangered species in Korea.

The section “animal survival strategy” introduces the survival strategies of unique animals such as predators and other wildlife species. How these animals live by preying on other animals, their strategies and information about their natural skills are present in the exhibition. Additionally, how these animals evolve, their specific behaviors, and physical information such as body size, weight, etc. are introduced as well.

The section “biodiversity of Dokdo,” shows the diverse creatures and beautiful sceneries of Dokdo Island. It is the nature that surrounds this amazing beautiful island. Dokdo Island is home to rare birds such as black-tailed gull, Larus crassirostris, Monticalo solirarius and Sturnus vulgaris. Dokdo Island was declared Natural Monument No. 336 in November 1982 to protect the marine life including these endangered birds.

The section features of species through careful observation”, introduces living organism and detailing accurately the features of the creature and the characteristics of the species through careful observation. The director of the Daegu National Science Museum, said, "The native species on the Korean Peninsula is a precious thing that we should protect and preserve”.

Few species in South Korea has gone extinct. To protect its vulnerable species, Korea implemented effective policies and raising public awareness about conservation through exhibitions like these. Korea restoration and conservation programs have improved conditions for other animals such as Asian black bears. Furthermore, the government is also implementing a wider range of acts related to the conservation and management of the national environment and ecosystem.

Visiting Daegu Science Museum would be an excellent learning experience for you especially if you visit with your children’s🧒. And by the way, when you visit, don’t forget to check this amazing 'Foucault's Pendulum' that demonstrates the earth rotation. The pendulum is mounted in the ceiling that does not turn with the building as it rotates with the Earth.

🦆 Address: Daegu, Dalseong-gun, Yuga-myeon, Techno-Dae-ro 6, 20 (테크노대로6 20), Daegu National Science Museum
🦆 Open Hours: 09:30 am – 17:30 pm, closed on Mondays. Last admission time is 16:30
🦆 Parking Facilities: The cars can be parked near the building.
🦆Phone: +82-53-670-6114.