Monday, September 30, 2019

Life Loving Festival at the Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center

Life Loving Festival 💚
at the Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center


Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center front entrance

Over the weekend, the 6th annual “Life Loving Festival” was held at the Dalseong Wetland Area in Daegu. The festival ran from September 28 and September 29 during the daytime. This was a free festival filled with many activities. This was my family’s first visit to the Dalseong Wetland and to the brand-new Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center.

Life Loving Festival booths

Educational Puzzles booth

Recycling and Waste information booth

We drove to the Dalseong Wetland area and we were directed by traffic guides along the street where to park. Because of the festival, the main parking lot in front of the center was full and many people were directed to park on dirt lots nearby. After parking, and walking towards the Eco Learning Center building we walked towards the activity booths. There were many activity booths everywhere. Some were placed around the Eco Learning Center and some were past the bridges along the wetland. Many of the activity booths had arts and crafts, but ultimately many of them were educational. The first booth we approach was a Recycling and Waste informational booth. We played a game where we had to sort our garbage and recycling in the correct bins. Afterwards, we were rewarded with reusable shopping bags, notepads, and magnets.😁👍

Face Painting booth

There was a face-painting booth where the artists painted cute frogs on children’s faces and hands. The theme of the Life Loving Festival was “Let’s Play with Me Frogs!” 🐸 So, the colorful frogs on children’s faces were a perfect touch.

Hat decorating booth

Freebies booth

My son enjoyed the activity booths. He decorated a sun hat with stamps, decorated frog fidget spinners, played puzzles, learned CPR, and took home many freebies. He was given buttons, hand fans, and a measuring tape toy. At the festival, if you did 5 different learning activities, they gave you a coupon to redeem for free ice cream or popsicle treat. All the activities were free to participate in, so winning a free ice cream🍦 was worth it!

Butterfly Educational tent

Father showing his son a caterpillar

Butterfly viewing tent

My favorite part of the Life Loving Festival was the Butterfly Educational Tent🎪. We walked by a tent where there were butterflies flying all around and people were inside of it looking and touching the butterflies! I went to the entrance of the tent, where I had to wait in line until I could enter with the next group of people to learn about butterflies. After I entered with the next group, a volunteer teacher discussed the different stages of the growth of the butterfly. On display, there were posters, bins with caterpillars, and plants with chrysalises. Some people held the caterpillars in their hands, others were too squeamish to touch one. I loved being in the tent full of butterflies. It was a beautiful experience🐛🦋.

Ecological Story Room inside Eco Center

Looking at lily pads

After I saw the butterfly tent, my family went inside of the Eco Learning Center. Inside the center, there were more tables full of activities for the festival. Many visitors were also going through the center to learn about the wetland. We went into the Ecological Story Room 1. Here you can learn about the lifecycle of frogs, see freshwater fish, look at lily pads with a magnifying glass, watch a film, and much more. Everything is mostly written in Korean on the displays, but it is still a fun learning experience.

Wetland birds display

There are 3 levels of the Eco Center. After we walked around the Ecological Story Room 1, we walked up a flight of stairs to the next floor to see the Ecological Story Room 2 and the Nakdong River Story Room.

Ship display in the Nakdong River Story Room

The Ecological Story Room 2 had even more things to learn about the wetland. There were interactive games on screens. One fun thing in the center of the room was a ball pit. When I looked inside the ball bit, parents and their children were laying in the ball pit and looking up at the ceiling where there is a movie playing on the ceiling of a cartoon frog. The Nakdong River Story Room was very interesting. In the middle of the room is a display that is designed like a huge boat. You can take a trick eye photo to look like you are steering the boat🛶.

Observatory on the top deck

After we saw the Nakdong River Story Room, we went up another flight of stairs to see the observatory on the top deck. There are two big binoculars to look through on the deck. You can see the wetland and some of the city of Daegu from a far distance. When I looked through the binoculars, I could see the Daegu Ark up close even though I was so far away! 😃

View of the wetlands
Bridge trail through the wetland

From the observatory deck, we saw that there was a bridge trail along the wetland area. We went downstairs and out the back entrance of the Eco Learning Center to find the bridge to walk along. The bridge trail was very scenic. We saw a river cliff, wetland birds, and a cruise boat on the water. If you continue to walk down this bridge trail, it will lead you to the dock where the cruise boat is located. You have to purchase tickets to ride the cruise boat. There is also a piano themed park, café, and restaurant serving Korean food, and the Hwawon Amusement Park / Samunjin Village at the end of the bridge.

Map of the Dalseong Wetland area

We look forward to going to the Life Loving Festival again next year! If you did not make it to the festival this year, the Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center and the Wetland Trail is still open year-round in Daegu.

< Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center >
✅ Address: Dalseong-gun, Hwawon-eup, Gura 1 Gil 88 (대구 달성군 화원읍 구라1길 88)
✅ Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm (Closed every week Monday, January 1st, Seollal and Chuseok actual days)
✅ Free Admission and parking lot available in front of the Eco Learning Center.
✅ Public Transportation: The Gura 3 ri-1 is the closest bus stop, but this only has access via the Green Dalseong 1 line. Other routes involve a ~1km walk from the bus station. You can go to the Hongcheon Temple (Hongcheonsa) Entrance bus stop via the Blue 650 route or Green Dalseo 3 line. The most scenic route is from the Hwawon Amusement Park (Hwawonyuwonji / Samunjin Village) stop on the Green Dalseo 3 line, also about a 1km walk.

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