Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Night in Daegu

Halloween Night in Daegu

Saeid Gholami
Sanam Nahaie
October 2019

Halloween is a celebration in remembrance of the dead that occurs annually on the evening of October 31.
Halloween is a mixture of customs of pagan and Christian origins. It originated from an ancient Celtic seasonal festival. Halloween activities typically involve trick or treating, dressing up in a fancy dress and carving pumpkins.  In many countries, people decorate their homes, yards and invite their people to view their creations and hold a themed party.

Other people organize fancy dress parties. Popular activities at parties include watching horror films and trying to make fellow guests jump in fright.
 People dress up as ghosts, witches, skeletons or other characters. For Halloween, people served many types of food like cookies, pumpkin pie and etc. Halloween has become very popular in South Korea since the early 2000s. and the last weekend holidays in October is Halloween in South Korea. In Daegu, it is common to see the Halloween costumes at downtown and many streets.

Many people were in a queue for makeup. The price for makeup was 5000, 10,000 and 20,000 won.

In Daegu, it seems Halloween costumes don’t always need to be scary and ghoulish. The most common costumes are characters of horror movies, characters of video games, face-paint like Mexican style skulls, zombies and traditional cloths. It is really interesting how much effort young people do to prepare the best costume, some of them look very realistic and horrific.

This lady wore flower clothes, which was not scary. She wore different styles compared to other people. In my opinion, she sent a peace message to us.

Across the city, the most popular bars and clubs celebrate the Halloween weekend with a variety of costume parties and drink specials. Downtown is known for being a hub for the international community in Daegu,  and perhaps the busiest area to head out to at night and the bars reach full capacity. In the bars and clubs, they try to make the themed party and many special scray attractions at the parties.

In downtown, we have a chance to ran into crowd young people that made of the street a runaway of customs. People walking in the street with their amazing customs and taking a picture with anyone.

Some people wear fantasy clothes. Anyway, at this festival, you can see all of the lovely characteristics in movies and animation.

The another issue that impresses me in koran style Halloween is that people enjoy peace without any incidents in circumstances that look pretty dangerous and during the night they are fun. They celebrated these days with international people and enjoy being together. The amazing issue is that starts is crowded until late at night and the places are very safe.

And, finally, we took a photo with a colorful Daegu group and we made a good memory.

Halloween is not only for the children and as we see in Halloween night adults are excited than children.

I hope that can join next year again for Halloween and share more new photo from Halloween.

Daegu International Future Auto EXPO 2019

Daegu International Future Auto EXPO 2019

Saeid Gholami
Sanam Nahaie
October of 2019

Korea is one of the world's top 5 motor vehicle manufacturing country including Hyundai, Kia, GM Korea, Renault Samsung, Ssangyong, etc. It is obvious that most companies want to participate in their goods to show to people. Also Daegu is 11 out of Korea’s top 100 motor vehicle part manufacturers are located in Daegu.

Daegu International Future Auto EXPO was held 17 to 20 October at EXCO Exhibition place in Daegu, Korea.

In this exhibition, the electric vehicle, autonomous driving vehicle, hybrid vehicle, electric two-wheeled vehicle, hydrogen-fueled vehicle are showed. Also, the charging system, Battery, Application Components, Parts, and peripheral devices and Accessories are displayed during the exhibition. Companies showcase their products and compete with other companies to gain a big world market. These days due to the increment of the industries the Air pollution threatens people's health. Therefore, the new generation of the vehicle is one of the main sources to improve the health of humans. For this reason, several companies present their new models of green cars in several exhibitions.

The other amazing products are autonomous cars. this great product ars used in the public transportation system and maybe increase the accuracy. This type of vehicle doesn’t need someone to drive.

My major is electrical engineering and working effects of Electric Vehicles on our power system. This exhibition was so interesting to me that I can see the latest technology about Electric vehicles.

An autonomous driving vehicle was so interesting for me, it doesn’t need a driver for driving. Actually, it is a smart car and you feel relaxed in that car when the car is driving. This kind of car respect all the details and so safety.

Electric Vehicle only consume electricity for working and it is so clean for our world and it has no pollution for our lovely earth.
Another section was a hybrid car. This kind of car working with two kinds of energy.
Up to speed 60 km/h consume Electricity and more than 60 km/h switch to fuel. This kind of cars is very good inside the city because the speed inside of town mostly is less than 60 km/h.

Electric two-wheeled vehicles are very nice and economic for short distances.

This generation is autonomous and has many facilities for passengers.

The other amazing part of the exhibition is the new generation of green cars. This type of car is like cars in space movies and we can believe that anything is possible by improving the technologies.

The small electric car is the most beautiful and cute part of the exhibition.  These products are small and we can ride them without wasting time in the traffic jam.

More than 40 companies around the world attend to show their manufactures. And also some universities show their researches abut the future auto. Representatives of various companies from around the world attend the exhibition to purchase products and transfer technology to their countries. During the exhibition lectures around the new Technologies are held in the saloon. The companies describe the benefits of their products and advertise to seel them.

Some company working part service fields including Charging system, Application components, Battery, Parts and peripheral devices, Accessories.

Also beside of exhibition one booth introduce traditional tea to visitors.

The Hike to Gatbawi

The Hike to Gatbawi

Thais Peiffer
October 2019

“Gatbawi or Stone Seated Medicine Buddha at Gwan Peak, Mt. Palgong in Gyeongsan is a Buddhist statue in Daehan-riWachon-myeonGyeongsan. It was made in the Unified Silla Kingdom era and is well known with the name of Gatbawi Buddha (Stone Hat Buddha).
It is said that Uihyeon made it in order to appease his mother's soul in the 7th ruling year of Queen Seondeok of Silla Kingdom.
The legend of Daegu Gatbawi says that a big crane flew in to guard him every night while he was making this Gatbawi Buddha. It is reputed to be a miraculous Buddha stone, which makes a response to prayers if the prayer prays for it with his or her whole heart.”
Source: Wikipedia

It’s no secret that Koreans love to hike, especially around Fall and Spring. The air is crispy and Mother Nature showers us with even more beauty. Palgongsan Mountain becomes even busier during this time, but there is still plenty of space and beauty for everyone. 
This past weekend, I finally covered the hike that has been on my must-do list in Korea since I got here and I am about to tell you all about it, so you too can get to see the famous Gatbawi! :D

Your two main options to reach the mountain are by bus and by car.
Bus #401 is the one that will drop you off right in front of the trail to Gatbawi.
Now if you choose to drive like I did, you can follow this link on Naver maps that will lead you straight to the first parking lot by the entrance to the Palgongsan Park and the trail to Gatbawi. There are a total of 5 parking lots and the fee is usually 1000 won for the day.
This area is a good place to use the restrooms and stock up on some snacks for the hike at one of the little marts along the way. My favorite hiking snack is a fresh roll of gimbab. There are also several Korean restaurants that will definitely be a great spot for you to relax and recharge once you are finished hiking, they all serve my favorite post-hike food: Buchujeon or Korean chive pancake. Yummmmm!!!

The trail is very beautiful and, to make things better, you have the option of going up via the ramp or using the stairs.

My family and I took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the top going this way. There is another trail that is a little longer, but the incline is not as intense. I have yet to try it though.
The incline on this trail is gradual all the way up to the Gwanamsa temple, which is a gorgeous temple by the way.

After the temple is Stairmaster mode time for you! Yep, get those glutes and quads ready because they will burn!!  From this point on, there are only stairs and more stairs ALL the way to the top! But if you are like me, you love a challenge, so… let’s do this!

There are several rest areas along the way, so take your time, drink water and eat something because those stairs can get brutal.

Once you reach the top, you will be welcomed by a souvenir store and a coffee shop. I always find it so funny how there is always a coffee shop at these places. I wonder how they get the supplies all the way up there???? LOL😂

The view from here is breathtaking and the chanting in the background just adds a magical touch to the experience.

The trees have started changing colors this week making this a great time to go visit Palgongsan with all its hues of yellows, oranges, and reds that always bring me a feeling of comfort and coziness that I associate with Fall and happiness.  

So what are you waiting for???😏 Go get your Fall fix and those beautiful pictures at Palgongsan Mountain this weekend with your family and friends! :D
See you on the trail!