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Daegu Coffee & Cafe Fair

Daegu Coffee & Cafe Fair

By Arslan Musaddiq
November 2019

Daegu Coffee and Cafe Fair Banner

Daegu exhibition and convention center (EXCO), 
located in Buk District, held four days of Daegu Coffee & Cafe FairEXCO hosts many exhibitions, art shows, and performances. Look at this beautiful building!πŸ‘‡

Front of EXCO Building

If you are a coffee lover like me, it was one of the most exciting exhibition for you.πŸ‘ I had a chance to try different types of coffees. There was plenty to try, for example, I tried, for the first time, the coffee from Ethiopia. Similarly, there were many flavors of coffees blended with different spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and pumpkin spice. Some of the stalls were dedicated to showcasing coffee machines and new technology for coffee roasting. In addition, there was a separate section where you can buy coffee and coffee-related items.

Cofee Fair Booth
Coffee Fair Main Hall

When I visited the coffee fair, it was a rainy day. During a rainy cold day, almost everyone was trying sipping new coffee samples. I tried many different flavors free of cost.πŸ˜„

Coffee Fair Main Hall Banner
Coffee Machines

Then there was a stall of National Geographic. In their stall, you can see all the amazing magazines at an affordable price. One of the ladies in the stall had small cups full of spices, herbs, and tea. I was not aware of most of them and saw them for the first time.😲 It gave me more curiosity to taste each one of them.πŸ‘€

National Geographic Magazines
National Geographic Booth

Variety of Teas
Coffee Fair Stage
Coffee Fair Booths
Booth where you can take a beautiful photo
People trying coffee samples
Coffee and Cafe Booths

The main hall was divided into different sections. It consists of coffee shops, coffee exhibition stalls, coffee machines display, and so on. There was also a
stage event, where there was some competition going on.πŸ‘Œ The visitors were also experiencing different programs by paying a small amount.πŸ‘ The whole program was hosted by the Daegu food culture forum.  
I took the following many more photos of the event.



The smell of the coffee was so mesmerizing in the hall and at each booth, more and more people were lined up to try the coffee.😁 The coffee grinders, coffee machines, coffee franchises, coffee magazines, etc., everything was about coffee. I was very happy😊 to see all the like-minded people who were as much enthusiastic to try new flavors of coffee like me.

MASS Coffee Booth

MASS Coffee Samples

Daegu Coffee & Cafe Fair is one of the top coffee business exhibition in Korea. Being a coffee lover, I always try new blends of coffee from time to time and this event. It was such a great experience.πŸ‘

In the coming days, there are two more programs that you can enjoy in Daegu EXCO.

  • The Best Franchise Fair in Daegu (December 05, 2019 ~ December 07, 2019)
  • Daegu Christmas Fair 2019 (December 06, 2019 ~ December 08, 2019)

  • Address: Daegu, Buk-gu, Sangyeok 2(i)-dong, μ—‘μŠ€μ½”λ‘œ 10
  • Parking Facilities: The cars can be parked near the building
  • Phone: +82- 053-601-5000
  • Directions: From Daegu downtown, you can take bus no 503, 306, and 349.


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