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The 3rd Daegu Coffee and Bakery Festival

The 3rd Daegu Coffee and Bakery Festival

By Saeid Gholami and Sanam Nahaie
November 2019

Coffee is one of South Korea’s important drinks and I think people couldn't live without Coffee. Coffee tastes different in Korea from my country. So, when I heard about the Coffee and Bakery festival, I needed to go. I tasted more different coffee which is made by Korean style. Due to this, I enjoy trying different Korean method coffee. At this festival, I try much pure and strong coffee. Close to 50 participants participated in this festival to showcase various coffee, bakery, tea, and products related to the coffee industry๐Ÿ‘. I walked around, tried some coffee and tea, and bought some sweeties including macarons, cookies, cakes, and more.๐Ÿช๐Ÿต

Daegu Coffee & Bakery Festival hosted thousands of coffee lovers with a vast variety of coffee beans, bakeries, drinks,  and let's not forget the tea.
Everything related to the cafe experience was showcased: different tastes of coffee, delicious desserts, sweets, fruit ades, and jams.

Although the festival was outdoor, the smell of coffee was quite noticeable. Many booths offered free coffee and advertised people to buy their products.

The booths offered the opportunity to test and buy coffee, tea or other different new drinks which some of them made by the coffee.

The other attractive section of this festival was trying Korean traditional tea๐Ÿต. I heard more about Korean tea and the benefits of them and how people use this to treat their health problems. I drank some of this tea. Contrary to my opinion, these were delicious.๐Ÿ˜‹

I also saw some booths showcasing beautiful cups, mugs to drink and enjoyed the coffee time.๐Ÿ˜Š Those were so beautiful. Some people showed their handmade products, which are used in the kitchen.

The most important part of the festival, the reason I went to the festival, was the baker booths. I like some sweeties and bakeries. I know the Macaron is Daegu's famous sweeties and most of the booths had Macaron. They seemed delicious, but the booths didn’t offer free samples to taste.

Also, many types of sweeties we can see. 

There is more to the festival than just coffee though, guests can get information on coffee and bakery in the coffee and history story house. The festival managers organized the place to get information about the history of products at the festival.

On of the festival booths allowed us to decorate our sweets. First, we bought a cupcake and then decorated it with our taste.

I did this and I realized that I couldn’t be a good bakery.๐Ÿ˜‚

The last part of this festival was music performance, but the weather was cold and only a few people could sit to enjoy the great music.

In the last, we ate the cake, which I decorated, and drank coffee and enjoyed the live music๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Unfortunately, the cold weather didn't allow us to be there for a long time. 

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