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The Special Exhibition of Lee In-sung: Daegu, Home of the Artist

The Special Exhibition of Lee In-sung: Daegu, Home of the Artist

By Anne-Marie Chambon
November 2019

To honor a painter from Daegu, Lee In-sung (1921-1950), the city has established an annual prize named “LEEINSUNG Art Prize”๐Ÿ†.  Currently, the Daegu Art Museum presents 2 combined exhibitions:
  • The first one is dedicated to Lee In-sung
  • The second one presents KONG Sunghun the winner of the 19th LEEINSUNG Art Prize

While visiting Lee In-sung exhibition you will discover his golden age’s creations from the 30s to the 40s and some archives to understand the specific circumstances of his life during the Japanese colonial occupation.

The Two Combined Exhibitions

Start Here to Discover the life Lee In-sung

Lee In-sung in a Studio

In 1931, at the age of 20, he left for Japan and stayed there until 1934.

Lee in Japan (the Second One on the Left)

He returned in Korea in 1935 and got married to KIM Ok Soon๐Ÿ‘ซ who was his student in Tokyo. His father-in-law gave him a studio in Daegu where he tried new artistic attempts.

In His Studio in Daegu

Here are some of his paintings displayed at the Art Museum. According to his first daughter, Lee woke up early to enjoy the nature. The purple color on the mountain is due to the sunrise.

Landscape 1942

Lee enjoyed going to Gyeongju not too far from Daegu.

Gyeongju Scenery 1938

Lee liked the architecture in foreign styles. This Gothic style cathedral is still downtown in Daegu.

Kyesan-dong Cathedral 1930

The artwork below was painted in Japan where Lee studied. This painting is famous๐Ÿ‘ for the contrast between the red interior and the blue-green exterior.

Room in Summer 1934

He used to paint an orchard owned by his father-in-law in Andong. He painted many artworks on the themes of fruits๐Ÿ‡ and fruit trees.๐ŸŒณ

Apple Tree 1942

In the artwork below, Lee painted his wife KIM Oksoon (1916-1942). She studied fashion design in Tokyo. He did this artwork in 1934, the year of their wedding. Both of them had a very short live: 26 years for her, 38 years for him.

Woman in Yellow 1934

The model is unknown. Several interpretations have been suggested about the girl’s gesture: shy? worried? hesitating?๐Ÿ˜ฒ❓

Girl in Red 1940

Bonus 1: Inside this exhibition, you can watch a video of the Daegu city ballet company. It is about a performance that introduces 9 works including “Woman in yellow” and “Appletree”.

Bonus 2: Daegu commemorates Lee In-sung in different places: Jung-gu, Nam-gu, Suseong-gu, Dalseo-gu, Buk-gu. See the details on the picture below.

Commemorating the Artist in Daegu

KONG Sunghun, The Landscape as an Event
Another painter, another century, another style!

The selection committee of the 19th LEEINSING Art Prize๐Ÿ† explained why Kong won:  "His paintings have a new approach to the Korean landscape and his view of examining pathways for humans in the landscape is well suited to the spirit of the current times.”

Vinyl Greenhouse 2006

Willow Tree 2015

In a video, Kong Sunghun analyses his work: “My concept of landscape paintings differs from the conventional one. The landscape or the sceneries are what is happening in our daily life in modern history instead of those that are nomadic or rural.”

Pine Tree Forest 2010

Jump 2015

Kong Sunghun explains: “I wanted to depict the instability in life or uneasiness through waves or dark clouds”.☁
The three following artworks are displayed in the Gallery 3 dedicated to Jeju island.

Puddle 7 2019

Throwing Stones 2012

A Buoy 2012-2015

Theses 2 exhibitions are running until 2020, January 12.
The admission fees for adults (26-65) are only 1 000 won. For the other ones, it is less than 1 000 won.

Where is the DAM? 40 Misulgwan-ro, Gosan 2-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
How to access by subway? Use a shuttle bus running half-hourly after getting off at Daegongwon (Grand Park) Station on subway line #2 at Exit No.5
Or by public bus? No. Suseong 3(-1)

You can use the DAM’s shuttle bus. It is free.
Routes: Grand Park Station-Daegu Stadium Samgeori-Daegu Art Museum- Grand Park Station
Running hours: Summer season: 9:30am-7:20pm. Winter season: 9:30am-6:20pm
Bus interval: 30 minutes ~ 1hour (Operation turnaround time: about 14 minutes)


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