Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Sunrise Daegu Sunrise Landmarks

Everybody wants to start the New Year vigorously
There are many people going to see the sunrise.
January 1, 2020 will be met with vigor
Let us introduce the Daegu sunrise landmarks!
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Friday, December 20, 2019

[Daegu IT] Bangcheon Market, with Seomun Market

Time to meet the culture of Daegu!
Introducing the representative traditional market of Daegu, Chilseong Market!
Let us meet from the birth of Chilseong Market to the changed current form!
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Monday, December 16, 2019

2019 The Big Fair

2019 The Big Fair

By Saeid Gholami and Sanam Nahaie
December 2019

The Big Fair organized, hosted by Dio Corporation, and sponsored by Daegu Metropolitan City.
The Big Fair is totally about lifestyle and the purpose of the event was to showcase household goods, furniture, food, golf, and leisure.

The Fair was held at 450 booths of 200 companies from 12-15 December in EXCO building. More than 30,000 people were expected to participate and visit. The visitors can buy products they need daily.  The local shops and many companies had the chance to introduce their products.

The first booths were the section on sports facilitiesGolf clubs, clothing, and equipment were sold in many booths. I think this sport was more attractive in Korea and due to this many booths were there. 🏌Golf accessories like gold balls, glows, shoes, wedges, portable baffle plates, auto ball return systems, and mini-golf practice training aid equipment were purchased by visitors.

If you are looking for buying other sports facilities you can only find the fishing equipment🎣. The fishing rod, fishing chair were sold in some booths.
In addition, camping equipment⛺ such as recreational vehicle, chair and table and other beautiful facilities which are used in the camping.

Home living booths were beautiful. The polish handmade bowl, ceramics, candelas, household goods are the best part of the fair. If you want to buy the unique Korean goods this is the fair you want to visit!👍 That was beautiful for putting in decoration at home.

Many type of accessories you need to decorate your home you can find there.

Many families came there to purchased their daily necessities.😲 We could find the best of them in the Big Fair in the separate section.

Another part that I like was knitted dolls. They are so cute, especially for kids. I saw many kids stand in front of the booth and ask their parents for buying it.😂 I like to know how to make it and I want to learn in the future.

An additional section was a traditional handmade wood instrument and baskets. It was so interesting for a foreigner just like me.

The section for household appliances, furniture, and other modern lifestyle appliances are exhibited.👆 The price of the products is acceptable and families were trying to buy what they needed. Some companies make the fair buying conditions for visitors.

Recently when I visited some exhibitions, I always saw an electric vehicle booth.🚙⚡ That means Korea wants to go reducing pollution by using electric vehicles. I could also see electric vehicles at the Big Fair.

When we explored around the fair, we could find some food. In this section, health foods like the jinsing, agricultural and fishery excellent products are shown. As we know the jinsing is very famous around the world and everybody can buy the best types of that at the fair. Also, other good healthy drinks and snacks were sold.

In some booths in the food section, the various food trucks sold Korean food especially different types of fried chicken which is famous in Daegu.😋🍴 The visitors can rest and enjoy the delicious foods. The booths attracted visitors by offering high-quality foods.💯

The clothes👚 booth was so interesting. Traditional, official, and party clothes you can find for buying.

Other new technology in the big figure was presented was 3D Hologram. That was so funny and we will see more about it in the future.

In the one booths, National geographic company showed their magazine and photobooks which are about nature🌄🌅 and animal life🐘🐎.

That booth had many beautiful pictures from nature and so colorful🌈. I think everyone likes to have one of them in one's home.

We really enjoyed this fair and bought some things we need with the cheapest price.👍 I would recommend visiting this fair. In this fair, visitors have the chance to find the good in the best quality and low price. 

Korean Winter Flavors in Daegu

Korean Winter⛄ Flavors😋 in Daegu

By Thais Peiffer
December 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like…. Winter….. everywhere we goooooo…. 😊

But instead of focusing on the weather outside that is frightful, let’s focus on the delightful flavors that Korea has to offer during this season!😉

These are some of the treats that every Korean associates with comfort during the cold winter months and you will always see them lining up to get some of this warmth in their bellies and you, my friend, should not miss an opportunity of trying these staples and getting to live winter like the locals.👌 

The biggest traditional market in Daegu, Seomun Market

So head to your local Korean traditional market and see how much more special your winter will be with all these flavors here in beautiful and colorful Daegu!👍

1 – Hotteok

The famous Korean cinnamon pancake.😋 You can find them everywhere this time of year!

They can be deep-fried or pan-fried and usually come filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and a mix of nuts. How generous this filling will depend on the vendor so shop around and try them all! You can also find them at supermarkets in the frozen section, but we know that the ambiance of a traditional market adds to the whole experience.

2 – Bungeoppang and Gukhwappang

Carp Bread or Bungeoppang

These two are another famous street food treat you will see everywhere especially during wintertime! Their interesting shapes and warmth will sure spike your curiosity! The first one, the Bungeoppang or Carp Bread🐟 looks like a goldfish and comes with the traditional red bean paste filling or the more modern take with cream filling. Vendors will usually try to push the cream filling to foreigners, but try the traditional red bean paste one too because that taste sort of grows on you with time. 😁

Gukhwappang or Chrysanthemum Bread

The Gukhwappang, or Chrysanthemum Bread🌸, is very similar to the Bungeoppang with its main difference, in my humble opinion, being the shape. While the later one is shaped into a fish, the Gukhwappang resembles a Chrysanthemum and the filling is usually only red bean paste.

Both snacks are very affordable as most things at traditional markets are. A couple of thousand won will get you about 3 or 5 of them. 😄

3 – Chestnuts

Raw and peeled chestnuts ready to be roasted at home

This one will definitely forever remind me of winter in Korea. Walking around the markets and the streets of Daegu, you will surely spot the stands selling either raw and peeled chestnuts, ready to be boiled or roasted or the ready to eat roasted ones. Either way, grab yourself a little bag and enjoy this healthy Korean winter snack!👍👍 You will be surprised to discover how soft and cookie-like they become after being roasted and the natural mild sweetness they have sure makes them very satisfying.

4 –  Odeng or fish Cakes

Done with all the sweet treats? No problem! This is another winter staple that you should try at least once! If you are not into fish🐟, don’t let the name stir you away! I still wonder how much fish actually end up into these lol. For me, they are more of a dough treat than a fish one, but it does have a very particular taste that I came to enjoy.😊 

You will find these in skewers and dipped into the broth. You pay by the skewer so you can have as many as you want and when the time comes to pay, just show the vendor how many empty skewers you have. Prices vary depending on the size and quality of the fish cake, but the most basic ones usually go for 500 won.

Don’t forget to dip them in the different sauces available and also to grab a cup of the delicious and warm broth n a chilly December day!👌

5 – Tteokbokki or Spice Rice Cakes

If your idea of heat goes hand in hand with chili peppers than you have got to try this dish! You will find the spicy and mild versions side by side so just let the vendor know which one you prefer. You can also ask to have them mixed.😑Made with rice cake, fish cakes, broth, green onions, and Korean chili paste, this dish will sure warm you up from the inside out!😋

So don’t waste these winter months sitting at home wishing for warm weather, head to the traditional markets and let Daegu warm you up with memories and different experiences that will sure make your time here in Korea a great one!

Another great market in Nambu, Bongdeog Market